Copying process Electrostatic laser copy
  Tandem, indirect
 Toner system Simitri HD    polymerised toner
 Copy/print speed A4 (mono/colour) Up to 22/22 cpm (C220)
  Up to 28/28 cpm (C280)
  Up to 36/36 cpm (C360)
 Copy/print speed A3 (mono/colour) Up to 12/12 cpm (C220)
  Up to 17/17 cpm (C280/C360)
 Autoduplex speed A4 (mono/colour) Up to 22/22 cpm (C220)
  Up to 28/28 cpm (C280)
  Up to 36/36 cpm (C360)
 1st copy/print time (mono/colour) 7.5/11.0 sec. (C220)
  5.8/7.7 sec. (C280/C360)
 Warm-up time Approx. 45sec.*
 Copy resolution 600 x 600 dpi
 Gradation 256 gradations
 Multi-copy 1    9,999
 Original format A5   A3
 Magnification 25     400% in 0.1% steps
 Copy functions Chapter, cover and page insertion
  Proof copy (print and screen)
  Adjustment test print
  Digital art functions
  Job setting memory
  Poster Mode, Image Repeat
  Overlay, Watermark, Stamping, Copy Protection
  Card Shot
 n Printer specifications
 Print resolution Equivalent to 1800 x 600 dpi
 Controller CPU MPC8533 @ 1 GHz (C280/C360)
  MPC8533 @ 667 MHz (C220)
  32 BIT
 Page description language PCL6c (PCL 5c + XL3.0)
  PostScript 3 (CSPI 3017)
 Operating systems Windows 2000 / XP / XP64
  Windows VISTA 32 / 64
  Windows DPWS support
  Macintosh 9.x/ 10.x
  Server 2000 / 2003 / 2003x64 / 2008 / 2008x64
  Unix/ Linux/Citrix
 Printer fonts 80x PCL Latin
  137x PostScript 3 Emulation Latin
 Print functions Direct print of PCL, PS, TIFF, XPS, PDF
  and Encrypted PDF files
  Mixmedia and Mixplex
  Job programming    Easy Set   
  Overlay, Watermark, Copy Protection
 n Scanner specifications
 Scan speed Colour/Mono up to 70 opm (300 dpi via DF)
  Colour/Mono up to 40 opm (600 dpi via DF)
 Scan resolution Max.: 600 x 600 dpi
 Scan modes Network TWAIN scan
  Scan-to-eMail (Scan-to-Me)
  Scan-to-SMB (Scan-to-Home)
 File formats JPEG, TIFF, PDF, Compact PDF, Encrypted PDF,
  Outline PDF, XPS, Compact XPS
 Scan destinations 2,100 (single + group), LDAP support

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